You put on your robe and wizard hat as you stand at the entrance of the website...
As you enter, the walls and ceiling resize to fit you, like the equipment from an RPG.

Standing just inside the entrance of the website, you notice the navigation at the top. Looking down, you see there is a contact form should you want to contact Garrett.

Something catches your eye just a bit in front of you. You cautiously move forward to see what it is. It looks like a note, left from Garrett himself:

Hello Internet Adventurer! My name's Garrett Mickley, and I'm a game designer based in South Florida. My favorite thing to do is world building (including writing lore and character backgrounds), but I also love game mechanic design, writing quests, and even writing character dialgue.

If you need some help, I'm available for contract work! Just scroll down and fill out the contact form below.

Thanks for stopping by!
-Garrett Mickley, Game Designer

After reading, you realize it's time to make a decision. What do you do next?

  • Game Design
  • World Building
  • Quests
  • Dialogue

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