Every time I check up on a game design forum, or Tumblr, or other game design resource for people who are new, I always see someone asking this question:

“I have a lot of ideas for games but I don’t know how to program and I’m not good at art. How do I get into game design? My favorite game designers are X, Y, and Z.”

And the answer is always:

“Learn to program or get good at art, start working for a company, work your way up. That’s how your favorite game designers did it.”

This is the wrong answer.

Your favorite game designers most likely did start that way, but that was during the formative days of the game industry. Things have changed a lot since then.

The correct answer is:

“Start your own company. Design your own games. Hire people to do the parts you don’t want to do.”

Starting a company is daunting, and you probably feel like you don’t have enough money or knowledge to do that.

No problem.

I’ll get you there, one step at a time.

The first step is to start learning how to design games the right way.

Head over to the Get Started page to begin your journey.

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