The Fathers Who Lost Their Way

You walk into a dark, musty hardware store and see ten, maybe twenty men wandering aimlessly through the aisles of screws, nuts, bolts, and tools. Each one is muttering something, but they’re not muttering the same things so you mostly just hear noise from the collective sound waves bouncing around the wooden shelves. A man […]

Happiness Simulator

This story has been published in a free short story digest called Elsewhen Noir. [Content Warning: Addiction, death] There would be scrapes on her knees tonight from collapsing onto the concrete sidewalk. I’ll have to clean them up with hydrogen peroxide. She’ll fake like it hurts when the cloth touches her, even though the peroxide […]

The Loveliest Of Relics

It was cold that night, and she asked me to dance. She asked me. I obliged and we agreed we would dance until dawn, But we both knew the sun wasn’t coming up for us. Neither of us claimed to see it, When our eyes met, I felt my heart descend. I knew the sky […]