How An Editor Can Improve Your Writing

The other day I got a text from my friend Eric. Eric: Do you want grammar notes on something you posted? You have a comma splice in that status about Prime Day. That comma should be a period. He was referring to an email I had sent out that was also on Facebook and Twitter. […]

Consistency is the most important part of your career.

People are going to forget about you. They’re going to forget about your games, your art, your programming, and you. Pretty terrifying right? No one wants to hear that. Sorry for being so harsh, but you’re not doing anything to remind them who you are. That’s why you need to be consistent. Consistency is the […]

Write About Things Even When People Won’t Shut Up About Them

Raise your left hand if you’re sick of hearing about Pokemon Go. Raise your right hand if you’re playing Pokemon Go. Clap your hands if you’re sick of hearing about Pokemon Go even though you’re playing it. It seems like over half of the articles that have crossed my path this last week have been […]

Word Count Doesn’t Matter Online

I’ve been getting a question frequently: how long should my blog posts be? Is there a minimum word amount for blog posts? Maximum? No. There isn’t. People will tell you otherwise, but I’m telling you there isn’t. Side note: this only counts when online. Magazines and other print media will require specific word counts because […]

How To Conduct A Great Interview

Part of writing creative non-fiction is that sometimes you need to interview someone. You might just need a few quotes for a post, or you may need an expert to explain an entire concept to you. No matter what you need to use the interview for, you can make it easier on yourself and the […]

Write What You Know – The Best Writing Advice I Ever Received

I hated working retail. I was a customer service representative at TJ Maxx for a year. Before that, I was a regular cashier. After that, I worked the jewelry counter. Things were great when we had a dream team of managers and employees, but managers got moved to other stores and new, terrible managers were […]

Content Marketing Brings In Traffic – A Case Study

Increase targeted traffic to your website by posting regular, optimized content focused on bringing value to the reader. Web marketers have pretty much always lived by the rule “content is king,” but that rings true more than ever in 2016. As I wrote in this post, SEO is dying because writing regular content that is focused […]