I neglect everything to sit around and make excuses.

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Here, watch me make another one.

Today I’m writing this from a bar that has a great happy hour deal.

I got this beer:

Which is #2 on an all-day 2–4–1 deal.

I should be at home writing blog content for next month.

Instead I’m sitting at this bar, responding to my friend Jordan Aspen.

Why? Because traffic was bad.

That’s my excuse.

No, but, listen. Traffic was so bad. So bad.

Like, I live so close to my office. Probably around 5 miles.

And I wasn’t even leaving my office…I was a mile closer to home. I was looking at another potential office space with Dadboss (my father, who is also my boss at the day job).

So, I get to this bridge and traffic is all the way backed up to this bridge. On the bridge. I’m stopped in traffic at the apex of the bridge.

I don’t know if I’m using that word “apex” right.

And I know this means nothing to you because you don’t know this bridge.

Trust me when I say: traffic should not be backed up this far.

But it is, so I pulled over.

Now I’m sitting at this bar, writing on Medium.

I saw this post from Jordan and it reminded me that I need to do this.

Jordan is someone I have known online for a while. We’ve hung out twice, in Austin, at a conference that happened two years in a row.

She is also the only person to know me IRL and to have known a very specific and vulnerable writing alias of mine.

I would say I give her a higher level of trust than I give most people.

This advice she gives is good. If you’re reading this and you don’t follow her, do that now. That’s your call to action.

Call to action.

Follow my friend Jordan Aspen

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