I’ve gotten some feedback on this newsletter [2017-08-15]

I’ve been getting a lot of constructive feedback on both my website and this newsletter and I’ve been thinking about it.

The most common thing I get is that things are confusing. My site says I’m a cyberpunk author, and it has some of my writing, but it mostly seems focused on teaching writing business and marketing.

Plus, then there’s old game design stuff and people are grabbing the free GDD template but they don’t care about writing.

People aren’t totally sure of what I do because of this. I’m going in too many different directions.

It is true that I work on a lot of different things and I have a lot of plans, but everything needs to be separate so that it’s not confusing. Here’s the plan for the future:

  • GarrettMickley.com – was where I showcase my cyberpunk writing, will transition to be an information hub for all of my projects.
  • Approaching Utopia – a cyberpunk fiction open source world building project (not yet launched).
  • TheCodex.co – a cyberpunk non-fiction podcast/news/opinion publication (not yet launched).
  • MarketYourWriting.com – a site that will teach how to market writing (not yet launched).
  • Various short and long stories.
  • Various games, large and small.

From here on out, this newsletter will be focused on a general update of everything I’m working on. As each thing launches in the future, I’ll be sure to mention it here and you will be able to add yourself to that particular project’s mailing list as well.

That’s all I’ve got for you this week 🙂

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