January 2018 Income Report and Retrospective

January 2018 Profit Report: $-592.98

I want to start being more transparent in showing my journey from full-time day job dude to full-time solo gamedev dude. No matter how embarrassing it is.

[At the time of me typing this sentence, I have my cursor hovering over “Publish” and it is terrifying. This is definitely one of the scariest things I’ve done for myself and my business. But, I need to publish this. I need to show the full journey, even the hard part in the beginning. This is how you will learn from my mistakes and do better than I did.]

So, I decided I would show you my income and expenses reports each month. Also, I’ll write a retrospective of what went good and what went bad. I might even discuss what can be improved next month.

The February retrospective will have much more detail into the things I’m doing. I’ve started keeping a record of everything I do in a day to track whether or not they are improvements or detriments to my efforts.

I’d also like to point out that this is not a record of personal income and expenses…such as my day job income and how much I spent on my 3 day vacation last week.

Some expenses, such as my Comcast and FPL (power) bills are not fully tax deductible, but I won’t be doing the math here every month for you. I’ll just be showing that I spent X dollars on that thing this month and then when it’s time to do my taxes, I’ll let the software do the math.

Income and Expenses




Facebook Ads


CK Affiliate




















Google Domains


Freelance 250k





Breakdown of Income

The CK Affiliate (ConvertKit) income isn’t bad. I previously had 2 people signed up through me, but one has canceled. Now I only have the other, which is my day job.

I generally promote this through my website and newsletter, and that’s it. Sometimes I make personal recommendations and people sign up through there, such as with the day job.

I plan to grow this a lot and would like to reach and maintain 500 active subscribers as my primary goal with this particular affiliate program.

There are a few things I love about this particular affiliate program:

  1. It’s recurring revenue every month that a subscriber is a member.
  2. I make 30% of what they pay, so as they grow and pay more, I make more. This incentivizes me to create content that will help others grow, as well as offer personal consulting and coaching when I can. The more successful they are, the more successful I can be.

The Clickbank income is from the Dugi World of Warcraft Guides which I used to promote on YouTube and Twitch back when I did that thing. The videos are still out there and still getting traffic and sales. It’s also recurring revenue as long as a person is subscribed and paying, I get a percentage. I think it’s 50%.

Breakdown of Expenses

  • I spent a small amount of money on Facebook ads this month and I just feel like I don’t know enough for it to be effective.
  • FPL is the power bill for my home and home office.
  • iCloud is cloud storage.
  • CoSchedule is the social media posting software I use.
  • AT&T is my phone bill. I often work from locations other than home where either the wifi is too weak or I don’t trust it, so I use the phone a lot for internet.
  • EFF is the Electronic Frontier Foundation. I donate $5 every month as a member. They’re defending our online rights, and since I work online, that’s important to me.
  • WordPress/Jetpack is a suite of tools for my website.
  • Comcast is my home and home office internet bill. No cable or anything; that’s just internet.
  • Klarna is the company that my Surface Pro is financed through. I’m on the Surface Plus plan.
  • Google domains…I bought some domains. Probably shouldn’t have. I’ll find a use for them.
  • Freelance250k is an online course and mentoring I purchased. It runs out in June of this year (2018) so I still have a bit more to pay.

I’m spending too much money and I want to spend more, but I know I shouldn’t. I need to cut expenses where I can.

I want to pick up the SEO Powersuite, which is a set of tools I used to use a lot back at the SEO firms I worked at. They’re super useful tools, but the level I want is $700. I’ll hold out for a little while and see if they ever go on sale. I think I recall them going on sale in the past.

While I am “in the hole” as far as the business goes, I am not going into debt. I make enough at the day job to afford these investments. Just barely, though. It’s not sustainable. I need to be making more money.

Also, when it’s time to do taxes, I will plug all of these things into TurboTax which will be able to use some for full or partial tax deductions as business expenses, so it’s worth it.

If anything, looking at this is motivation to hustle more. Gotta get more ConvertKit subscribers!

What I did this month (January 2018)

Most of this month was

  • planning the year
  • talking with accountability partners, coaches, mentors, and consultants

So, there wasn’t a whole lot getting done that has visible results yet.

What I’m doing next month (February 2018)

I’ve got lots of site optimizations to work through, as well as email optimizations that I may or may not get to this month.

I’d also like to get a good backlog of blog posts written and queued up for the following weeks. The goal is to write 6 by the end of February and have them scheduled, one a week, for the following 6 weeks. During that time I will be able to continue writing and build on that queue.

Which means most importantly, I need to get to planning all of that content. I’ll go do that now.

See you next month!

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