Do you make stuff? My new project is for you. [2017-09-19]

Pretty much everything is on hold now, except for one project.

I’ve started taking on freelance clients again, and I’m totally digging the niche. I’m helping artists and makers of all kinds market their creations online.

This first new client takes the ashes of your cremated pets (or grandma, I suppose) and puts them into cool blown glass pieces of art. You can check out the temporary landing page at and get notified of when the site launches (very soon!).

The new project is called MarketYour.Art and the website isn’t up yet (I’m working on it!), but I promised you an update on all of my projects and that’s it: they’re all on hold except for this one, for now.

If you’re an artist or creator of any kind, you’ll want to check this project outwhen it’s ready.

Get excited.

Looking forward,
Garrett Mickley

P.S. Next week you’ll be able to sign up and get some digital SWAG for this new project!

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