Pod-Casting Spells – November 2015 Retrospective

You may already know I host a podcast about learning. If you don’t, it’s called Learn To Learn With Garrett Mickley and you can check it out at LearnToLearn.club. In that podcast, I teach you to learn more efficiently so you’ll be more competitive and stay one step ahead in your field.

Here, I’m going to show you how I put that knowledge and those techniques to use in my daily life. You can consider this a lifestyle blog of sorts. Learning is a lifestyle, after all.

Are these puns doing it for ya?

November didn’t go so bad, but I didn’t reach my goals (read the November Introduction). There’s really no excuse, I guess I was just lazy. I can’t pinpoint any one reason why I couldn’t accomplish everything in November. I spent a lot of my weekend time with friends, and playing Fallout 4 which came out this month. The good news is, I got that out of my system and now I’m writing this in early December and I’m motivated to get a lot done. Though I didn’t beat Fallout 4 and it is a lot of fun. There will be plenty of time to play it when I’m done with my initial hustling and can spend more time on leisure and less on the hustle.

Main Quest

Just to remind you, my Main Quest this month was to learn how to make a podcast, and then start a podcast with ten episodes planned, and six episodes both written and recorded. I did get the podcast started and launched a week early, and I actually planned fifteen episodes, but I didn’t get six written and recorded. At the time of writing, I have four written and two recorded, and I’m actually going to be recording episode three right after I finish writing this post up. I did not have a Side Quest this month.

There was so much to learn about podcasting, and I’m really glad there’s a podcast called The Podcast Dude, by Aaron Dowd. This podcast is part of the Seanwes Network of podcasts, all of which have taught me more in the last seven months than I learned in the prior ten years combined.

Some of the most important episodes I listened to:

  • Episode 001: How To Start A Podcast – This one’s pretty self explanatory. I don’t think I need to tell you how it helped me and what I learned. The entire podcast episode was knowledge that was completely new to me.
  • Episode 002: Podcasting Equipment Guide – This show, coupled with talking directly to Aaron and getting advice from him, helped me figure out exactly what I needed. I settled on a Blue Yeti microphone, A shock mount specifically for the Blue Yeti, a cheap pop filter because you don’t need anything fancy for this, and a boom stand for the microphone, which is actually not strong enough for the Blue Yeti because the Yeti is such a dang heavy microphone. I tightened up some bolts and it’s working for now but I may invest in a stronger boom in the future.
  • You know what, actually, just go listen to every episode if you’re interested in starting a podcast. There’s something in each episode that taught me something and I’m not going to list every single one here!

As a member of the Seanwes Community, I was also able to talk directly to Aaron and get a lot of advice directly from him, which was really what I needed to get this snowball rolling downhill. Now, with less upfront work, I’ll be able to watch the snowball grow and grow as it gets closer to the bottom and knocks over Jimmy from down the street. That’s what he gets for saying I would never be successful.

Too far?

Now I’ve got the podcast started, which I would appreciate you go subscribe to, download and listen to the shows, and leave me a review.

Moving Forward

First of all, there are more podcasts to make! All of the podcasts! There’s one every week, so I’ve got a lot to do each week with that. That takes up a considerable amount of time, which is why I may not take on any more Side Quests for a while. In the future, I definitely plan to pick them back up, but between my day job, my Main Quests, the podcast, and other projects, I just don’t really have time. It was an ambitious goal in the first place, but I’ll definitely bring it back when the time comes.

As for the Main Quest, December is going to be Full Stack JavaScript. I’ll talk more about that in the December Introduction post.

Here’s to December!

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