Quick! Get Into The Escape Pod-cast! – November 2015 Introduction

You may already know I host a podcast about learning. If you don’t, it’s called Learn To Learn With Garrett Mickley and you can check it out at LearnToLearn.club. In that podcast, I teach you to learn more efficiently so you’ll be more competitive and stay one step ahead in your field.

Here, I’m going to show you how I put that knowledge and those techniques to use in my daily life. You can consider this a lifestyle blog of sorts. Learning is a lifestyle, after all.

November is going to be a much better month. As I said in the October Retrospective, I’m not going to be hyperfocused on learning something really intense, like a programming language, and am instead hyperfocused on starting my podcast. The thing is, I’ve never started a podcast, so it turns out there is a lot to learn there, too. The good news is, there’s a podcast called The Podcast Dude that is about podcasting (so meta, right?) which happens to have all of the information I need to get started. As the host, Aaron Dowd, continues to make new episodes I’ll be learning more and improving my podcast as I do it.

I want to have ten podcasts planned and six written and recorded, to use as a buffer, before the end of the month.

I don’t plan on having a Side Quest this month because I really want to make sure I get the podcast ready to go before December.

There’s not really much else to say, so let’s get started working on that podcast!

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