Write About Things Even When People Won’t Shut Up About Them

this guy found a pikachu
This guy found a Pikachu.

Raise your left hand if you’re sick of hearing about Pokemon Go. Raise your right hand if you’re playing Pokemon Go. Clap your hands if you’re sick of hearing about Pokemon Go even though you’re playing it.

It seems like over half of the articles that have crossed my path this last week have been about Pokemon Go. That’s not including all the social media posts from my friends and family.

It’s really cool and really popular right now. It’s a game changer by being the first wildly successful augmented reality game. That said, we’re all sick of hearing about it.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t write about it, too.

If you have an idea, you should be writing about it. Even if you’re sick of hearing about it, get out there and write about it.

This doesn’t just apply to Pokemon Go, but anything that is being talked about. Don’t worry if other people are talking about something too much. If you’re afraid you’re covering something that’s already been covered, don’t be.

You are so unique.

Even though there are over nine thousand articles about Pokemon Go to come out in the last week, no one else has your perspective. No one else has gone through your exact same experiences in the exact same order.

You are unique, and you have a voice.

Your voice brings a new outlook on the subject.

Write what you know.

As I’ve said before: write what you know. If you know something about Pokemon Go, share it.

At the most, you’ll get some work, or maybe a check out of the content. At the least, it’s something to put in your portfolio.

You could also run a case study on newsjacking. Whether you’re successful or unsuccessful with it, write about it. Write about why it was or was not successful, and learn from that.

And if it is a failure, the transparency in your failure will speak volumes.

Newsjacking isn’t all bad.

Some content marketers shudder at the word “newsjacking”. It’s not all bad, but it can be.

The proper way to handle newsjacking is to take a news event and write about it from your perspective, or how it applies to you or your industry.

  • If you do marketing as a profession, you could discuss how Pokemon Go is increasing profits of local businesses.
  • If you’re a fitness instructor, you could talk about how Pokemon Go is great for exercise.
  • If you’re a writer, you could talk about how other writers shouldn’t be afraid of writing about something even though it’s being talked about by what seems like every other website on the internet right now.

The bottom line is this: don’t ever feel like you can’t write about something because it’s already been written about before. Just write it!

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