You’re doing Medium comments wrong.

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On Medium, every comment you post is counted as its own story.

This used to piss me off because sometimes I would just want to say one thing in response to something someone wrote. Today I have realized that this is a waste of potential.

I just went to my Medium profile and clicked on Stories and in the list of stories is stuff like my long form posts and then there’s “Thanks for posting this. I’ll be sharing this.” and I shuddered. Fine as a comment; not something I want in my list of stories.

## The problem, solved…

What we should be doing with comments is finding the people who are having problems in our niche and writing to them. Respond to their post with long-form ~~comments~~ stories that include information to solve the problem and a Call to Action (CTA) at the end.

## How to do it…

When you go to comment on someone’s Medium post, you get a standard comment box. At the bottom is two buttons: “`Publish“` and “`Go Full Screen“`. “`Go Full Screen“` will take you to the normal Medium post editor like if you were making a new post, but it will be “attached” to the original post.

Then, all you need to do is write a post like you normally would. Give it a good title. Throw some images in there. Use proper tags. End with a single, concise CTA.

## Additional comments from friends…

Charline Touchard asked “Is this similar to answering a Quora question?”

It’s somewhere between answering a Quora question and writing a blog post. You’re answering a question which will become a comment on their post, but Medium will also add it to your list of stories on your profile.

S. Virginia Houser said “Honestly, I love that idea. Every comment you make isn’t just a one-off blip. You are encouraged to think about your response and make it meaningful and purposeful…Makes you check yourself before you post.”

Sarah Dayan said “If your comments count as stories and you care about what your homepage looks like, you’re less likely to comment dumb stuff. I like the idea of commenting when it’s to add to the original post (by opening up a debate or providing additional information). I wish we could be done with comments like they exist now.”

UPDATE: now that the Medium Partner program is open, I want to point out that these stories can NOT be monetized. You will need to start brand new stories if you want to monetize them.

## What are your thoughts?

Leave a ~~comment~~ story below and let y//our readers know what you think about leaving long form, quality comments.

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