280 Characters is a big problem, and here’s why:

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I have 280 characters and it’s nice, but I still don’t like it.

[character limit intensifies]

It seems like Twitter rolled out 280 characters for everyone this week. I don’t really know or care, because I don’t really use Twitter. Except to blast posts out about my own stuff. Self promotion ftw. And I automated that so I wouldn’t have to log in to Twitter at all if I don’t want to.

But since everyone’s talking about it and I’m trying to fluff my Medium numbers to maybe get some $$$, I’m going to talk about it, too.

140 Characters was just right.

The brevity of Twitter was what made Twitter great. Now the brevity has been cut in half.

(Highlight and Tweet that; it’s under 140 characters)

280 characters is too much.

They’ve practically doubled the amount of characters in a tweet.

What are they going to turn into Tumblr next? It seems like Tumblr is making a comeback so I could see why they would want to extend it to 280.

Once they start on “features” like this, they won’t stop. It’ll become an addiction and they’ll keep extending the character limits.

And since I’m such a fan of brevity, that’s all I’m going to say. That’s my entire argument for why 280 characters sucks.

Update 2018–03–12

I deleted my Twitter. Here’s why.

And now a call to action…

Clap if you agree what we really need is an edit button.

Comment and tell me how wrong I already know that I am if you like 280 characters.

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