Here’s what I wrote this week [2017-10-31]

I’ve been super busy so all I have for you this week is this epic 6000+ word guide on how to make money playing video games. You can read it here:… You will need a free Medium account to read it, and it’s behind a paywall of sorts BUT you can read 3 free ones […]

How could I make this newsletter better? [2017-10-24]

I was just wondering, would you prefer multiple emails a week? It would be one for each time I post something new, but the email would contain the entire post and you wouldn’t have to click through to read on the website. OR Would you rather receive 1 email, weekly, as a digest of everything […]

Forgot to write a newsletter this week. [2010-10-10]

This is why you can’t just make a To Do List, you have to check it, too. Anyway, I just launched my new project I was telling you about. The 2 year project. Check it out: Looking forward, Garrett Mickley P.S. if you missed last week’s newsletter, that new project has pretty much the exact […]

Do you make stuff? My new project is for you. [2017-09-19]

Pretty much everything is on hold now, except for one project. I’ve started taking on freelance clients again, and I’m totally digging the niche. I’m helping artists and makers of all kinds market their creations online. This first new client takes the ashes of your cremated pets (or grandma, I suppose) and puts them into cool blown […]

I’m thinking of running a give-away [2017-09-05]

I want to run a give-away soon, but I’m having trouble coming up with something useful to give away. I don’t want to just give away something generic. If I do something like an iTunes Gift Card, lots of people will sign up for the give away but they might not be interested in my […]

One place to find writing work [2017-08-23]

Working on big things this week but I wanted to show you a cool site I found. It’s called We Work Remotely, and it’s job listings for writers, programmers, and some other fields. Some of the listings for writers are contract work, and some of them are for part- and full-time jobs with benefits. I’ve mentioned […]