Google Dorking

Also known as “Google Hacking”, this is the practice of using Google operators (symbols and special keywords) to narrow down search results.

For example, searching Google for "OSINT" | "open source intelligence" will show you every page on my site only that contains the words “OSINT” and/or “open source intelligence”.

Is Google Dorking Illegal?

Google Dorking itself is not illegal, however, it has been used in the past to preface illegal actions such as:

  • identity theft
  • server intrusion
  • “doxing”
  • stalking
  • harassment
  • “SWATing”
  • industrial espionage
  • cyberterrorism
  • etc

Published by Garrett Mickley

I literally live your product as a guinea pig to show your customers that it just works. I call it "gonzo marketing."

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