Yellow text on blue backbground. Text says: I Only Need One Method to Making the big bucks.

My dad goes to a lot of trade shows. One year he saw one booth that was a guy with a fold-out table. Nothing special.

There was a sign that said “Consulting: $100,000”.

My dad walked up and asked him, “Does this actually work?”

And the guy replied, “I only need one.”

2021 Update: my dad informed me it’s actually a TV commercial.

In Overlap, Sean teaches us that we need to get to a new normal of 6 months of expenses in the bank.

At that point, you can quit the day job and change the Overlap to the Career.

According to The Street, the average income in the USA is just under $50,000 a year.

I don’t like to do a minimum of 6 months’ expenses. I like to do a minimum of 6 months of lifestyle.

So, let’s say that’s $25,000.

Now, you need a service. Something that’s going to make your client money.

Maybe you sell it for $1000. You need 25 clients to get there.

What if you sell it for $25,000? Then you “only need one”.

Going by Overlap, you should expect to work at your day job for 2 years before you reach that point to quit.

Obviously, your single big-ticket item needs to provide well over $25,000 worth of value to a client.

Is there something you can do that is worth that much to the right client?

Don’t think about “well I mostly market to Etsy sellers and most of them don’t make that much money.”

Instead, think “well I mostly market to Etsy sellers but there are other industries where I could provide $25,000 worth of value. And they can pay it.”

Then you only need one. In 2 years.

In 2 years of Overlapping, can you find ONE company that would pay $25,000 for your service?

Year 3: $50,000
Year 4: $100,000
Year 5: $1,000,000

10x your ex’s 10x (and make them wish you hadn’t split up).

For $25,000, I can help you become a brand people are proud to buy from.

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