It’s Amazon Prime Day, how can that benefit you as a writer and reader?


I’m not one to promote consumerism. I’ve been (slowly) working towards building a minimalist lifestyle and I’m not a huge fan of capitalism (we can talk about that another time), so days like Prime Day and Black Friday don’t align with my ideals.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways they can benefit us. I also wouldn’t ever recommend a product or service if I didn’t truly believe it would bring value to your life. I will never promote something just because I was paid to promote it.

As writers (which naturally makes us also readers), there are some cool things going on with Prime Day that I want to make sure you don’t miss.

First and foremost is the free Prime trial. You get a free month if you sign up through this link. If you don’t like it, cancel before your 30 days is up and you won’t be charged.

It’s worth it though, just for the free Kindle books. Of course there are other benefits like free two day shipping and access to Amazon Prime Video (like Netflix, but with different stuff).

Speaking of Kindle books, that leads me to the other awesome deal that benefits us as writers and readers.

Amazon has put big discounts on various models of their Kindle. Check them out here.

I use the cheapest, original Kindle myself. It was only like $50 when I bought it years ago (probably on a sale, like today). It sits on my bedside table and I use it to read all the time. I actually prefer to buy Kindle books over physical books myself. They’re often cheaper and they don’t take up any space in my home.

That’s all I got for you today! Like I said, I’m not here to promote consumerism — just things I think will be useful to you as a writer and reader. You can see the rest of the Prime deals (non writer and reader specific) here.

Let me know if you got anything cool that I should know about!

-Garrett Mickley



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