My “hierarchy of automation”:

  • If you have to do something more than once, automate it.
  • If you can’t automate it, delegate it.
  • If you can’t delegate it, make a checklist.

For my $dayJob, I’m moving our online courses from Teachable to Podia (ref), because the pricing and features are much better.

We have around 50 courses, some with several hours of video in them.

It’s a big move taking me two months to do.

  • I couldn’t automate it at my current level of knowledge.
  • I couldn’t delegate it because multi-factor authentication is required, and it costs money to give that access to another “seat.”
  • So, I made checklists and got to work.

But the task is so monotonous that I struggle a lot to get it done.

I set a hard deadline, told Dadboss it was time to launch it, and now I’m pulling an all-nighter to get it done.

Because I procrastinated way too long.

I got sidetracked working on things I’m more interested in.

More intellectually stimulating tasks.

Right now, as I type this, I’m waiting for videos to upload.

That’s the hardest part of this move.

Downloading and then re-uploading videos.

I’m at the mercy of the speeds my network and their servers will allow.

I’ve tried so many different ways to get organized.

So many apps.

As I wait for videos 3 and 5 of this course to upload, I’m reading about going back to basics:

Plain text everything.

  • Todo.txt looks promising.
  • Several friends have recommended Vim.
  • (None have recommended Emacs).

This guy also has some good ideas on using Github and plain text to manage pretty much everything:

I keep forgetting, I should be prioritizing time while something is uploading.

I just made a bunch of new tasks in Basecamp, the tool my $dayJob uses.

And while doing that, I should have had a video uploading.

This is another thing I need to think about more.

Using time wisely.

How do you get things done? 

What tools do you use for productivity? 

Any tips on managing time wisely?

Please let me know.

I want to kick ass in 2024 and beyond.

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