Samurai pooping my way through life.

By Garrett Mickley •  Updated: 01/31/24 •  3 min read

There was several years where me and two other friends would sit in a chat all day while we worked.

It wasn’t just goofing off.

We were all in similar work and we discussed a lot of work stuff.

Helping each other out all day.

But sometimes the chats digressed.

One day we were talking about Samurai Stance pooping.

“When one would go to the outhouse, he would remove his right leg fully from his clothes…The samurai would sit squarely on the seat, cross his leg so that his right ankle rested on his left knee (his left foot remained on the ground), place a hand on each knee, then straighten his back.”

Will Black

Me and one of my two dudes spent like 2 hours just discussing the merits of different sitting positions.

Not a very productive day, in retrospect.

At the time we thought it was very important.

Good pooping is good health.

Good health leads to good productivity.

Good productivity leads to good money (for our employers).

It was a very important discussion.

But our third dude hadn’t said anything in a while.

This is normal for him now, but back then he was probably the most talkative one.

Was he having a busy day?

Or was he contemplating everything we were discussing.

I never asked because what he did say blew me away.

Finally, he comes in with:

“Just shit.”

I think about this all the time.

And now I’m making it my zen mantra to life.

I’ve been craving more simplicity for many years.

It’s something I struggle a lot with.

There are so many things I want to do in life, and I try to do them all.

I have far too many hobbies.

To make up for it, I try to monetize them all.

And now I have a lot of debt from that.

The other day I sent out an email and posted on social media:

I’ve decided to close out my record label and all the other side businesses I’ve tried over the years and just focus on a day job.

It’s clear that I am not meant for it, and all I have done is “invest” a bunch of money and develop debt.

Thank you to everyone who has bought my music in the past, or hired me for services.

I’ll still be making music but I’ll probably just release downloads on my website for free.

I’ll continue to send emails out every once in a while to anyone still interested.

In a recent Cal Newport podcast episode, he mentions having 2 goals at a time:

  1. A professional goal.
  2. A hobby goal.

I’ve decided my professional goal for now is to become a full-time copywriter for Darren Hardy.

My hobby goal will be to learn to play piano.

I’ll write more about that in the future.

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