Take a break, you earned it. 2017-03-06 Newsletter

New from the Blog…

Actually, there’s nothing new on the blog this week. Over the past 5 days, I’ve been traveling and working a conference for my day job.

I’ve been working on a couple really cool blog posts that will be tutorials with pictures and stuff. I’m really excited to get those out to you this month, but they’re not quite ready yet.

Since I’ve been super busy and trying to get those out, I figured this week we would take a break from the blog and instead focus on creating those really valuable tutorial posts that will help game designers and developers take their marketing to the next level.

My advice for this week is to make sure you take breaks when you get overwhelmed. Sometimes things hit us all at once and we need to remember to step back and breathe before we start making irrational decisions (something I’m very likely to do when I start to panic).

What’s Garrett playing right now?


I’ve mostly just been playing Hearthstone lately. Trying to decide if I want to preorder the Ungoro expansion packs or not. I mean, you do get 10 extra booster packs. I don’t care about the card back but getting 10 extra booster packs might be worth it.

I’ve also been trying to knock out quests regularly so I can keep buying boosters from MSoG. There are some cards I still want for a druid deck and even though I probably have enough dust to craft all of them, I’m saving it until I see how the meta changes when Ungoro comes out and cards like Reno go away (can’t wait!).

What’s Garrett working on right now?

On my drive home from the conference I worked, I planned out an entire game in my head. I haven’t finished putting together the GDD, but I have started goofing around with the mechanics of the game and how it’s going to work.

It’s going to be like Oregon Trail, but on a different planet.

Right now I’m calling it “Crap, Our Leader Died” or COLD, but the name will most likely change before the game comes out.

As soon as I have something to show you, it’ll be here, so stay tuned.

Catch you on the flip-side!

Have a great week.

-Garrett Mickley

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