The Loveliest Of Relics

It was cold that night, and she asked me to dance.
She asked me.
I obliged and we agreed we would dance until dawn,
But we both knew the sun wasn’t coming up for us.
Neither of us claimed to see it,
When our eyes met,
I felt my heart descend.
I knew the sky had begun to fall.
Sometimes we can’t ignore a temptation.
We must be led.
If a phoenix can be reborn out of fire, can my love?
The scent of burning was on the wind
As ash clung to our clothing and slowly faded
Like memories we never had to begin with.
It’s easy to mistake the sound of exploding bombs
With the beat of a long forgotten song.
So we continued dancing.
As the moon disappeared behind rising clouds
We sat on the swings of an old playground.
My name was carved into the fence.
It had been long since the plants flourished here.
When I looked into her eyes I saw them burning
And the nearby houses crumbled
With every bat of her eyelashes.
The sidewalks cracked like our crooked smiles,
Grinning as everyone fled in panic.
They were looking for safety, not understanding
They were just misplaced.
Together, on that swing set,
We watched the city lights fade for the last time.
Only tonight they weren’t fading into dawn.

Written in 2010.

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