Why I’m Going All-In On One Social Media Platform

Today’s Revelation

Note: this revelation was from October 16th, 2017, and not necessarily the “today” that you are in right this moment. 😉

I’ve been thinking a lot about my social media usage, not just for consumption but for sharing my creations. Marketing. What I mean is marketing.

Also, I’m trying to simplify my life. That has nothing to do with marketing, but more with my mental health. My headspace.

I only really have time right now to do a good job with maybe two or three social media platforms.

I only really have time right now to do a great job with one social media platform.

For a while, I was opting to do good with two or three, but I’m changing that. I only want to focus on one.

I’ve had analytics on my website for years because as an ex-SEO professional and full-time digital marketer for the last ten years…you just do that. It’s the first thing I do when I set up a website. It’s important to have those analytics.

If you were at the seanwes conference, Mojca Mars mentioned this regarding Facebook Pixel, which I admittedly did not have until that day. Now, I have it.

But I’ve had Google Analytics set up from Day One (1).

Usually, it gives me interesting insights on a day to day basis. It’s cool to see where traffic is coming from, where people go once they get there, and how many people are coming to read my stuff.

But today it gave some really important insights.

My top 5 social media platforms, as far as effectiveness over the last 5 years, are:

  1. Facebook (45.31%)
  2. Twitter (15.64%)
  3. YouTube (14.63%)
  4. Tumblr (12.31%)
  5. Reddit (4.44%)

In that order.

That’s not a lot of traffic…I never spend time marketing my own stuff when I have to do it all day for clients or day job.

The interesting things about this:

  • I have done very little with regards to marketing through Facebook, Twitter, Reddit.
  • I wrote a book about how to use Tumblr for marketing, so it’s to be expected in my top 5 but arguably should be higher.
  • I spent a considerable amount of time working on YouTube and decided it’s too much work for me right now.
  • Facebook, at number 1, claims 45.31% of my traffic over the last 5 years, despite hardly using it.

It’s clear where my focus should be.

And it makes sense, too.

Facebook has everything. I can post short-form text content. I can post long-form text content. I can post images. I can post videos. I can quickly and easily set up a Pay-Per-Click ad campaign (though making it a good one requires a level fo skill and knowledge).

If I want to go all-in on one social media platform, and be great at it, this is the one for me.

I wanted it to be Instagram. I really did. I love Instagram. I have a blast there. I spent considerable time over the last year learning about and implementing Instagram marketing techniques.

Guess what? It’s #6 at only 3.83% of my traffic over the last 5 years. And that was with a reasonable, though not perfect, level of effort.

I urge you to do what you can to take a look and see which social media works best for you. It might not be the one you expect. It might not be the one you love. It might not be the one you want. But, it will be the one you should probably put the most effort into.

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