My Plan to Win the ConvertKit Landing Page Challenge

by Garrett Mickley | Last Updated: 2019-03-28
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I don’t believe in competition, even in a literal competition like the ConvertKit Landing Page Challenge.

There’s $5000 at stake, and I could really use it right now to pay off some medical bills.

But it’s just not in my modus operandi. My MO is to serve people.

This challenge, for me, is a challenge against myself. I just want to see if I can do it.

That’s why I’m sharing my plan with you.

We all need 100 new subscribers.

Plus, I want to see more people up in that top 100 subscriber bracket.

If we can all get 100+ subscribers this month, we all win.

100 new subscribers has got to be at least two new sales on whatever it is we sell, right? I think if our email list conversion rate is under 2% we’re probably doing something wrong. That’s a topic for another post.

Side note: the only affiliate link in this post is to ConvertKit, for people who aren’t already members. I’m not trying to sell you on anything in this post. Just sharing my knowledge.

This is the plan I’ve put together based on everything I’ve learned over the past decade working in digital marketing.

While it is based on everything I’ve learned, it doesn’t contain everything I know.

My specialty has always been Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but I haven’t put it as a part of this plan.

Why no SEO as part of the plan? Because this is short term competition.

That said, in the grand scheme of things this landing page will exist outside of this competition. I don’t plan on closing it at the conclusion of the competition.

My long term goals for this landing page will include quite a bit of SEO. I plan on this being an evergreen landing page.

But, this post and the included plan are specifically for the ConvertKit Landing Page Challenge.

Without further ado…

ConvertKit Landing Page Challenge Plan:

Step 1: The Product

The Product is what the landing page is for. For some people, the landing page may just be for the mailing list. That is your product. For me, it’s going to be a video course.

My video course will be “Everything I Know About Digital Marketing”. It will be an on-going video course that I add to regularly. 

Every time I add substantial content, the price for new members goes up. Anyone who was already signed up gets updates for life. 

This sense of urgency will convince people to sign up as early as possible to get the best price.

The other incentive to sign up early will be that their questions will shape the future of the course.

Step 2: The Landing Page.

I will be using everything I’ve learned in Supercharge Your Writing to craft out a quality landing page.

It will be focused on The Product (see Step 1).

At the end, above the sign up form, it will say that the course is coming soon and that there will be a special preorder price, as well as a short pitch for The Lead Magnet.

Step 3: The Lead Magnet

The Lead Magnet will be a short, 5-10 day email course with daily actionable lessons on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is my specialty.

Side note: I’m considering dripping them out every couple of days rather than every day. This is so that the readers have time to take action before each next lesson. It will also give me a little more time to tie up any loose ends with Steps 4 and 5.

For those who are too impatient to take the full email course, I will offer a PDF version, created in, at the cost of one share via their preferred social media (Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn), which I will use GoViral to facilitate. Both of these tools are by Brian Harris of Videofruit. These tools, in conjunction with ConvertKit, are most crucial to my marketing automation.

The social share they will be required to send out will be something along the lines of…

“Join me in this free email course to increase organic traffic to our sites!”

…with a link to the signup page.

Step 4: The Other Lead Magnets, or, The Secret Sauce

There are more lead magnets, and so I call them the The Secret Sauce

Technically I should probably call them “share magnets”. But, lead magnet is already a standard industry term so I’ll stick with that.

Each lesson will also have a video and checklists, which the subscriber will need to provide a share to get. I will again use to create the checklists and GoViral to facilitate an exchange of goods for the share.

The social share they will be required to send out will have a quick tip from that day’s lesson. It will also include a link to join the email course for the rest of the lessons. Example:

“I just learned that metadescriptions don’t matter in SEO but do matter for CRO. Learn with me in this free SEO email course: (link)”

Step 5: The Sale

The end of the free email course will have a sales email about the full video course. Here’s the kicker: those videos they watched, if they chose to, are a sneak peek of the course. 

They’ll be informed that preorders are open. If they preorder now, they’ll also get a 20% discount off the launch price. I will reiterate that they get free updates for life PLUS their questions will shape the rest of the course.

Now that they’ve gone through a free email course and seen the quality of content that I will be producing, they know that the price is going to go up multiple times, and they know that their questions will be answered in the course because I’m building it along side them, I have a strong feeling this will lead to a fantastic conversion rate.

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