On this page, I am keeping track of everything I’ve learned from Darren Hardy.

Darren Hardy Book Notes

Darren Hardy Course Notes

What Makes Life Worthwhile

  1. Learn
  2. Try
  3. Stay
  4. Care

How to be Authentic

  1. Owning your shiitake.
  2. Being a professional.
  3. Stop the whining, moaning, and groaning.
  4. Stop taking on other people’s monkeys.
  5. Stop tolerating BS.
  6. Speak frankly.
  7. Speak deeply.
  8. Think for yourself.
  9. Stop giving a rip about what others think.

DON’T fake it till you make it. Be real. Be transparent. Be authentic. Be yourself.

You get and continue receiving what you tolerate in life.

– Darren Hardy

10 X-Factors of the Super-Successful

  1. Relentless drive.
  2. Supersize your thinking.
  3. Massive leverage.
  4. Focus. Control your attention.
  5. Unrelenting resiliency in the face of failure.
  6. Constant pursuit of better
  7. Steadfast Consistency
  8. “Power tribe.” Seek out high achieving peers.
  9. Consummate learners.
  10. Unshakable resolve.

3 Advantages for Success

  1. Access to counsel.
  2. Connections.
  3. Strategies.

Punching Crisis in the Mouth

Everyone is pessimistic about where the economy and geopolitics are headed Q4 2022 and beyond.

Probably recession in 2023, at the very least stagflation.

“Black Swan” events happen and the future is unknowable for all of us.

This is not new — history has always been this way.

It is okay not to know. Not knowing is normal.

Volatility is normal. It’s inevitable.

Be amused by what you read. Not alarmed.

“Your destiny is determined not by the winds of change, or the currents of turmoil but only by the set of your sail.” – Jim Rohn or Darren Hardy

It’s better to anticipate and prepare than to react.

6 Checkpoints:

1. Eyes – Be vigilant on what you give your attention to.

Humanity hasn’t changed.

Inside all of us there is light and dark.

All that has changed is that the loud fringe minority of darkness are getting more attention and have used technology to:

  1. find each other
  2. coordinate and organize
  3. distribute their darkness en masse to the majority

Even though we are mostly light, all of that does affect and change us. Even if we see things we know we don’t agree with. Our attitudes, perspectives, behaviors, emotions, etc. will turn darker.

We are attracted to negative effects as a survival mechanism that is no longer necessary.

Be very vigilant about everything you give your attention to and the input that you allow.

The media (news and social) isn’t “evil,” because they focus on negative news. They’re just optimizing for attention and money.

What to do?

“Reset your sail.” — Turn your eyes away.

Set your eyes firmly on the horizon – towards your desired destination, values, mission, goals, and dreams. HOLD STEADY.

Stop looking at anything meant to monetize your attention.

2. Head – Feed the positive, hopeful, creative, and inspired side of your nature proper nutrition.

Watch Darren Daily…daily.

Little improvements over time accumulate and compound to produce massive results.

The key is consistency.

Build it into your routine. Same time, location, etc.

3. Heart – Fortify your most important relationships and key associations.

We are an interdependent social species. We need each other — especially our tribe.

You can’t only look for them in the midst of the storm. Nurture the relationship, always.

Elevated Relationships:

  • Intellectually
  • Emotionally
  • Energetically
  • Philosophically
  • Spiritually
  • People who are better than you
  • People who hold you to a higher standard
  • People who help you rise up to meet that higher standard
  • People of character, substance, and depth
  • People with experience, perspective, and wise counsel to provide
  • People with resources, contacts, and connections to provide

It takes work, effort, intention, investment, joining groups, and signing up for stuff where these people will be.

It takes all the above to keep those relationships going.

If this sounds like too much work, you aren’t cut out to become wealthy, influential, and/or consequential.

The return on effort (and investment) is many thousands over.

Without the right relationships, by your own work, you will be left out to sea with no rudder and no sail.

4. Muscles – The single best thing you can do to immediately reduce stress, anxiety, and fear is to go work out.

The more stressful, the harder you work out.

Set an MVP – minimum viable pounding.

Do what you already know how to do.

3 best ways to stay healthy:

  1. Work out hard
  2. Eat clean
  3. Sleep deep

5. Wallet – Trim the fat.

Now is the time.

Spending always meets (or exceeds) the level of capacity.

Expenditures rise to meet income.

Do regular decluttering of financials. Get rid of the excess.

Be lean and mean as possible.

Cut expenses as deeply as you can.

Stack your cash.

Opportunities are coming and you will want cash in hand.

6. Spine – Double down on your personal growth and development.

Invest money to get your unique advantage.

This is when the wealthy become wealthy; access to the right knowledge, proven strategies, and vital skills pay off the most.

What to do when the punch is coming for your face

Lean into the punch. Don’t try to avoid the punch.

Leaning back leaves you off balance and defenseless.

Then send your counter punch.

Everyone else is leaning back. Now’s the time to push forward.

Key Systems to Scale Hyper-Growth

“Freedom requires structure. Structure is what makes freedom possible. Structure liberates creativity.”

Everything needs to be simple, clear, and certain.

Rule of thumb: You want to systemize the predictable (routine), so that you can humanize the exceptional.

5 areas to audit:


Email communication has best practices.

Project Management

Cut everything down to the most essential, high value, vital tasks and priorities.

Documents and Data Storage

Simplify everything. Only focus on the most important data points.


Same as above.

Customer Touchpoints

Make all customer-facing documents (invoices, etc.) and marketing materials as simple, clear, and certain as possible.

The best days are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, in that order (I have meetings on Tuesdays and Wednesdays).

Problem Solving with 1:3:1

1: What’s the problem?
3: What are at least 3 viable, well-researched and thought-through solutions?
1: What is your most recommended solution (between the three) and why?

Example video here.

Skill Building

Darren’s 1-1-3-5-1-30-30-5 Plan

  • Define Number 1 Goal
  • Define Number 1 skill important to achieving Number 1 Goal
  • 1 Skill development plan per quarter
  • Identify the best 5 books on that skill
  • 3 audiobooks or podcasts
  • 1 comprehensive training program
  • 5 days a week, for 30 minutes, read the books (approximately 30 pages)
  • 5 days a week, for 30 minutes, listen to the audio (doing during NET time – no extra time)

5 Steps for Studying

  1. Study – while reading think about current applications
  2. Extract – only look for 3 big ideas
  3. Act – implement 1 idea right now (one per month)
  4. Measure – measure your improvement
  5. Review – assess and adjust, repeat process

8 Tips for Better Learning

  1. Become comfortable with the struggle of learning. The brain has to make new neural pathways. Things get easier as you learn and use what you learn.
  2. Become curious. Ask questions. Don’t presume anything.
  3. Have a goal for your learning. When you know what you’re working towards, your Reticular Activating System will find, show you, and store the info that is important.
  4. Learn in focused sessions. Studies show 30-90 minutes is best. Too little or too much and you won’t retain the info. If you must go more than 90 minutes, take 5-10 minute breaks.
  5. Use spaced repetition. This prevents neural pathways from decaying.
  6. Go deep vs. wide. Our brains can only handle so much. Avoid learning outside of the scope of what you want to accomplish.
  7. Reflect, revisit, and review to improve. Like spaced repetition. This keeps your neural pathways strong.
  8. Teach someone else. Teaching someone else will improve and cement your understanding of something. Start a blog!

Ninja Negotiation Tactics

Getting anyone to do anything comes down to identifying why they would want to.

Figure out what they want. What is “winning” for them? Give them that.

3 Strategies:

  1. Ask.
    • Simple, obvious questions.
      • “What is the most important thing to you in this exchange?”
      • “What do you plan to do with this company after you acquire it?”
      • “What is the money that you gain from this transaction going to go towards after you sell this?”
    • Ask questions that refocus them on their bigger why; their primary motive.
    • This prevents them from getting lost in trivial ego battles.
    • Keep asking, “Tell me more about that, why is that important?”
  2. Lay in their bed.
    • Lay in their bed and stare at their ceiling with them.
    • Get into their head AND heart.
      • What are they thinking about?
      • What are they worried about?
      • Who are they worried about?
      • What are they hopeful about?
    • Put yourself in their position.
      • Why are they here?
      • Why do they want to make this exchange?
      • What do they want to gain?
      • What are they trying to do?
      • Who are they trying to impress?
      • What are their current challenges?
      • What pressure may they be under?
      • What risks are they taking?
      • What ripple effects might a yes mean for them?
    • Use these questions to figure out how you are equipped to help them.
  3. Do your homework
    • Gather pertinent information prior to your encounter.
      • What’s happening in their industry?
      • What options do they have outside of this exchange?
      • What needs and pressures do they have/are under?
      • What are their competitors doing to advance themselves by comparison?
      • What are the low average and high market average for what it is that you have?
      • Who is going to be involved in this decision?
      • What will influence their wants, needs, desires, etc?

Negotiation, sales, and influence of any kind are just an exchange of value.

You can get anything you want if you can figure out how to get the other person what they want.

6 Tips to Successful Negotiations

  1. Patience.
    • Impatience costs. Pick two: Fast, Quality, Cheap.
    • Focus on the other side’s time pressures.
  2. Keep emotional distance.
    • Don’t let yourself get to where you have to have it.
    • If you depend too much on a positive outcome of the negotiation, you lose your ability to protect your boundaries.
    • Always be willing to walk away; some deals just don’t work.
    • Never take a person’s behavior during a negotiation personally.
  3. Set the right stage.
    • 3 Factors:
      1. Where – Formal settings create a feeling of hostility; informal settings create a feeling of warmth and agreement.
      2. When – Determine the best timing for the negotiation, during the week, during the day. Hold it when all parties can be relaxed and not emotional.
      3. Who – Make sure you are negotiating with the person who has the authority to decide.
  4. Go big. Ask for the moon; get the sky.
    • Figure out what the heart of the deal is for you. Could be:
      • Price
      • Term of the non-compete cause
      • Retaining certain copyrights
      • Terms of the royalty payment
      • License agreement
      • Stock selling blackout period
    • There are aspects of the deal that could be much more valuable than the purchase price in the long run.
    • Figure out those aspects of the deal and surround it with “moonshot” points.
    • Bogies – moonshot points you suggest are important but aren’t the heart of the deal to you.
    • You can concede these points to get what you really want.
  5. Keep trading value.
    • Don’t concede anything without receiving something.
      • It’s only fair, and
      • It will stop them from continuing to ask.
  6. Learn to have fun and enjoy it.
    • Attitude is everything.
    • Don’t approach it as a fight.
      • The other party will pick that up and they will clam, armor, or lawyer up.
    • Don’t underestimate the importance of likeability.
    • Be positive, polite, encouraging, hopeful, and willing to walk away if their win can’t match yours. But walk away as friends.

How to Get a Promotion

Comes down to two things:

1. Help the people you work for make more money.

We get paid for value, not time.

To get paid more money, become more valuable, and deliver more value.

Hitting your goals does not earn a promotion.

You have to go above and beyond your job description.

Deliver increased value in advance.

There is never a lack of promotion potential (opportunity). There is only a lack of value being proactively contributed.

You don’t wait for a promotion; you make your own.

Earn more value by bringing more value.

6 ways to provide more value:

  1. Sell more (to existing clients)
  2. Find more clients
  3. Identify more opportunity
  4. Save money
  5. Recruit talent
  6. Mentor and help others

2. Make life easier.

Be a problem solver.

Lighten the cognitive load of your leaders.

If you have a question, do research first and come up w/ three possible solutions to present.

If you know it’s going to solve the problem — just go do it!

Speak up!

Don’t wait to be called on.


Have guts!

Volunteer for tough jobs.

Be reliable.

Take extreme ownership.

Your leader shouldn’t need to follow up.

If there’s a problem (it’s going to be late, etc), let your leadership know as soon as you know so that they’re not left wondering.

Deliver excellence.

Set a reputation that your leadership knows you will do a good job without even questioning.

“Sign your name to your work” and you will stand out.

Have an ambitious, positive minded, can-do attitude.

Be positive and focus on “how do we get there?” instead of “this is what will prevent us”.

“Be an engine, not an anchor.”

Disconnected Day

Pick one day during the work week and disconnect completely for a full 24 hours (I chose Thursdays).


  • Email
  • Texting
  • Project management notifications
  • Pings
  • etc

Spend the day on Deep Work.


  • Treat your Disconnected Day as sacred (no social engagements, no trivial work).
  • Strategize and plan every bit of the day.
  • Alert the world – set autoresponders everywhere to make sure people know.
  • Use Focus & Do Not Disturb features on phone, computer, and other software.

This is only for creative producers, not front-line customer service roles.

These came from a series of Darren Daily’s originally posted January 2022.

1. Forget Normal

There is no status quo or normal anymore.

Having a high tolerance for uncertainty will be your competitive advantage.

Do not seek normal. Normal is obsolescence.

My thoughts:

“You’re either Netflix or Blockbuster.” – Me

I’m going all-in on the metaverse. It is the inevitable future.

2. Manage your MEDS

  • Mind
  • Exercise
  • Diet
  • Sleep

“Winners are those who have mastered the fundamentals.”

Commit to:

  • Watch Darren Daily daily.
  • Regular exercise routine you know you can maintain all year long.
  • Cut sugar, cut carbs, cut processed food.
  • Get to bed early.

My thoughts:

I don’t have a problem getting to DD every morning.

I do have a problem being motivated to exercise.

I do have a problem w/ changing my diet.

I do not have a problem waking up early but I do have a problem falling asleep and so I’m always tired and require afternoon naps.

3. Manufacture Luck

Luck is the outcome of thousands of micro actions.

Habits and disciplines put you in position to “get lucky”

To achieve big goals, focus on simple and easy micro actions.

My thoughts:

Re-read my Compound Effect notes.

Re-read my BMC notes.

Go through Jumpstart again.

4. Live like a Lion

Lions don’t chase squirrels; they reserve their energy for the antelope.

Be courageous. Speak up. Demand attention.

Lead from the front. Do whatever it takes to feed and defend your pride.

Lead with courage and confidence this year. Only give energy to big game payouts.

My thoughts:

I need to figure out what are the little things that don’t get me anywhere and what are the big game payouts I should be focusing on.

5. Eradicate the Negative

If you constantly feed your brain with negative input, your outlook will be negative.

You CAN NOT parse and separate it out with conscious logic.

Our neural net operates in the unconscious background.

Protect the inputs that feed your very vulnerable and sacred neural network with a FEROCIOUS VENGEANCE.

My thoughts:

I feel like I need social media marketing to reach the level of success that I want, but I can’t afford to hire someone to do it for me.

I need to figure out a way to manage social media without having to view social media.

I’ve already cut “general” news and only focus on industry news.

I spend over an hour reading every day. Some non-fiction/educational material (teaches knowledge) and some fiction (teaches empathy).

6. Stop Shoulding Yourself

Any goals or resolutions that you put on your list year after year, just stop.

Put everything through a filter: can, should, must?

Only the “musts” should be on your list.

My thoughts:

Two things that keep ending up on my list are learning new languages (several) and learning to program.

I’ve invested A LOT of money into learning to program buying books, courses, online classes, etc, and it just doesn’t seem to click. Perhaps that is not a superpower I will develop.

Which is really tough because I feel like this would be a huge benefit to my endeavors in the metaverse.

Perhaps art is a better way to go.

I do still believe in long term benefits of me learning languages so I will keep that for now.

7. Start Small to Go Big

Forget all your resolutions and goals. Focus only on small daily actions.

Log them in your journal.

It will be your small, seemingly insignificant, moment-to-moment choices that will accumulate and compound into the massive transformation you seek.

My thoughts:

I still need to build routines.

A lot of the small choices I make are good due to the mindset shift I’ve had over the last couple years, but I need to make it a priority to set up routines for the stuff that I know will improve my life.

8. Give up more.

You’re doing too much.

You need to delegate more.

Quit everything that is not in your superpower.

We are designed to be world-class in only 1-3 things.

Delegate the rest.

My thoughts:

Going back to number 6…I need to figure out these things. What should I be doing? What should I be giving up? How can I do what I’m best at and still be involved in the things I want to be?

Right now I can’t afford to delegate so do I need to either Automate or cut out entirely?

9. Live in 3D

  • Life in 1D is if you’re only focused on what affects your life.
  • Life in 2D is when you see things through the eyes of others.
  • Life in 3D is when you can see from the big grand scheme of things.

If something is bothering you, ask yourself: In 20 years, will this matter?

If it won’t make your eulogy, let it go.

My thoughts:

I don’t think I have a problem with living in 2D but I definitely need to step up to 3D and start asking myself “in 20 years will this matter?”

In the recent past I’ve written down what I want people to say at my funeral. I need to make sure I’m sticking to that.

10. Stick With Less

The pandemic taught us to live with less.

Don’t re-clutter your life. Protect your less is more lifestyle.

My thoughts:

I don’t think I’ve recluttered but I also don’t think I really cut back during the pandemic. I was already a homebody with too many projects half started or half finished.

I need to keep simplifying and decluttering.

11. Plan for Rain

Businesses who were prepared for disaster thrived during the pandemic regardless of mandates, etc.

Plan for the worst and hope for the best.

Prioritize the funding of your personal savings accounts and you business reservers NOW.

My Thoughts:

My biggest goal for this year is getting out of debt and the goal for next year is to build up 12 months of living expenses in savings.

12. Stay Limber

Those who are most adaptable survive.

Help others thrive.

Be the one that is the most adaptable to change.

Chang is coming!

Stay flex. Stay limber. Expect Constant disruption. Be agile. Adapt quickly.

My Thoughts:

I don’t think I have a problem with this one. I keep my business small (just me and Upworkers) so that I can do whatever needs to be done to keep up with the times.

13. Start Before You’re Ready

The truth is: you’re never ready and you’re gonna suck when you start.

Just start. Then get ready. Figure it out along the way.

Doing is the best practice and prep. Mistakes are your best teachers.

Start. Now. Before you’re ready.

My Thoughts:

This is something I need to work on. I spend way too much time preparing for things before I do them.

14. Fuck Fear

Fear is an illusion.

The only antidote to fear is stepping into it.

Fear is your only obstacle.

Stop pussyfooting around already. Step up, say Fuck Fear, and step into it.

My Thoughts:

Lately I’ve been considering doing things that I’ve always feared, like skydiving, just to desensitize myself to fear.

“Fear is the mindkiller.” – Dune

15. Stay in your Genius

Our uniqueness is our strength.

Based on our interests, life events, etc, what has all of that built us to uniquely do? Life has prepared, trained, tested us to do something. What unique problem can we solve? What unique story can we tell?

Find and double down on your unique genius.

My Thoughts:

I’ve been trying to find my unique genius for years now. Still working on that.

I really think my strength is in writing and communication, but there are so many other things I want to do with that that I think will enhance it.

I just can’t tell if I’m wasting time on those things or if the additional skills will fuel my unique genius.

16. Bring Your Love to Work

The joy is in the journey, not the destination. There is no destination.

“Winners value the process. The day to day journey. Losers over-value the destination, the reward. And under-value the process, the work.”

Choose to bring joy to everything that you do.

Find intrigue in the improvement of everything.

You don’t have to love your work. You have to choose to bring love to the work.

My Thoughts:

Definitely something I should be working on more.

17. Trust the Gut

Our intuition speaks to us.

Trust yourself. Do as you are told by you.

My Thoughts:

I’ve been getting better at this lately, but it’s definitely something I need to keep in mind at all times.

18. No Regrets

For every decision, ask:

  • Will I regret trying?
  • Will I regret not trying?

Make a list of things you could never regret doing.

Make your NO REGRETS list and spend more time on things you never regret and no time on things you do.

My Thoughts:

My best friend’s wife is a pastor and she speaks to a lot of people on their deathbed. I asked her what they tell her. One thing she said was “they often say they wish they worked less to spend more time with their friends and family.”

I want to build a lifestyle where I don’t say that on my deathbed.

19. We are ALL One

Stop playing a Zero SUM game.

It’s not us vs them.

Our differences are mostly illusions.

We are all one interconnected species.

Divided we will die. United, we might live.

My Thoughts:

I’m happy to hear Darren say this because I’ve been getting really down about it lately.

Online I see a lot of the word “evil” being used to describe anyone who’s not right-wing (whatever that means anymore).

I’ve been to bars where people yelled “Democrats go home!” and other such things.

I’m not a Democrat myself, but I know those people wouldn’t want me there either.

And I know the vice versa is going on out there, too, even though I haven’t seen it.

But I have friends all across both the political and religious spectrums.

Sometimes I do struggle with it, but overall I don’t think I have a problem seeing us all as one.

I hope more people become like that.

20. Show More Gratitude

A lot of people helped us get to where we are.

Appreciate them for it.

It will enhance the day for every person you say thank you to.

Gratitude is the most magical force of all.

My Thoughts:

I need to make sure I am writing down at least 1 thing I am thankful for each day.

And I definitely need to tell the people around me that I am thankful for them.

21. Pay It Forward.

I am not here to consume. I am here to contribute.

I am here to be a net positive. Not a net negative.

Never only consume. Contribute back (and more) everything you’ve been given and everything you gain.

My Thoughts:

This is definitely high on my priority list, but I need to remember I’m not doing it for me.

I do struggle with knowing “helping people will come back around to me” and it makes me feel less altruistic about it.

I need to stop thinking I’m doing it for me and make sure I am doing it for them.

22. My One Word/Strategy for ’22


The use of something small to gain a very high return.

Find the 1% of activities, tasks, functions, resources, that deliver a 4000% return on capital, time, energy, effort.

Apply to 10 specific areas to life.

Measured and held accountable.

  1. People – No longer tolerate average performance. Great people are great leverage. A least 20x their cost.
  2. Goals – Set 3 goals max, banner goals, when achieved make this year the best year ever.
  3. Projects – Not all ideas are good. Many cost too much. Fast, Easy, Profitable? Do them one at a time, with excellence.
  4. Relationships – Focus on the few most important, deminish the rest.
  5. Fitness – Focus on just a few, do them consistently.
  6. Focus – Focus on what you will eat, not what you won’t eat.
  7. Environment – Optimize your work environment for high performance and sane living. Increase concentration and deep work. Do the same for home environment for the sake of mental + emotionally calm.
  8. Learning – Double down on a few things that get me towards the banner goals.
  9. MOO Methods of Operation – Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily. Massively improve output. Daily = Routine, Email Rules, MVP Jam sessions.
  10. Self-Care – “There’s nothing more pitiful than a ready and willing mind…but an incapable body.” – Jim Rohn

My Thoughts:

The one of these that will affect me the most this year is “Projects”.

I’ve known for years that I am a man of too many projects.

This year, I won’t be that way.

I’m going to be following the 37Signals/Basecamp strategy of small projects completed in 6 weeks, and then a week off.

As long as I have a day job, I’ll still be working on that week, but in the future when I’m on my own again, I will be treating that 7th week as a “Small Scale Sabbatical” – https://sabbatical.blog/about/.

2022 update: I’ve changed some priorities so I need to re-assess my notes.

The Compound Effect is one of the best books for turning every day into a victory.

Darren Hardy, author and Editor-in-Chief of Success Magazine, has helped entrepreneurs like John Paul DeJoria (founder of Patrón Spirits Company), Tony Hsieh (CEO Zappos), and Dave Thomas (founder Wendy’s) lead their companies to success.

He knows what it takes to build something great in business and life.

In this book, he reveals his time tested principles that will help you set reachable goals, break them down into manageable daily actions, nurture your relationships with family and friends who support you on this journey, “sell” yourself so that others want to buy from you; all while staying true to your own principles.

The Compound Effect is a revolutionary new way to help you take control of your life and stop making excuses.

Learn how to make every day count, build momentum and achieve extraordinary results in all areas of your life!

The Compound Effect Review

I give the Compound Effect a 10 our of 10.

I’ve read it three times now and will definitely read it again, probably once a year.

If I had to pick one book everyone should read, it’s this.

The Compound Effect Notes

Chapter 1 – The Compound Effect in Action

The main premise of The Compound Effect is that small, consistent actions build up over time.

This can be good or bad, but knowing that will help us make better decisions in our life.

Hardy gives various examples of this.

They’re all fictitious, but they do drive the point home.

I don’t particularly care for the Magic Penny example because I don’t understand where these magical pennies are coming from.

But I love the one about the three friends because it’s extremely realistic.

The Three Friends

You should read it in the book, but the nutshell is that one friend does nothing, and his life just stays the same as it is.

Another friend starts adding small positive changes, like cutting a soda from his diet and reading 10 pages of a self-help book each day.

His life gets better over several…I mean several months.

The third friend adds small negative changes, like watching more TV and eating more fattening foods.

Over the same many months, his life gets pretty bad.

The Ripple Effect

Then there’s the Ripple Effect, where one small change has huge consequences.

Such as friend 3 who does the bad stuff and ends up with a failing marriage.

It’s a long chain of events, but the nutshell is: unhealthy food makes him sluggish, sluggish makes him bad at his job, which makes him not like his job, which makes him sad, which makes his wife sad, which makes their marriage not great.

My Struggle

My struggle with all this that it takes so long.

Even in the examples, it’s taking almost 1000 days, which is almost 3 years.

I was born in the late 80’s which means everything in my life has come pretty quickly.

I am from the internet generation.

I don’t remember not having a microwave because my parents probably had one before I was born.

I’m okay with looking 12 months ahead and feeling comfortable, but looking 2 years ahead makes me feel…defeated.

I get the feeling that I’m not the only one who struggles with that.

We just have to sit down and do the thing.

Luckily, Hardy gives us some action items.

Action Items!


First he says to list our our excuses for why we aren’t achieving what we want.

I don’t think I have any excuses.

I know exactly what I’m doing wrong and how I’m struggling with it.

And I have no excuse for that.

I know that the only thing standing in my way, is me.

Start Doing

Next we need a list of things we should start doing.

  • I need to be reading every day.
  • As a copywriter, I need to be copyworking every day.
  • And also writing actual, usable copy every day.
  • I need to reach out to my list every day.
  • I need to be exercising every day. Either at the gym or by taking a walk around the neighborhood.
  • I want to learn a lot of languages so I need to be practicing that every day.
  • I need to be producing and/or posting some kind of public content every day to grow my audience.
  • I also need to get back into meditating every day. Mental health is as important as physical health.
  • And as a Buddhist, it’s really an important part of my spiritual practice that I’ve been neglecting.
  • I need to plan tasks better. I know how to do it, I just need to do it.
Stop Doing

Then we are to make a list of things we need to stop doing.

  • Hitting snooze or going back to sleep. – I don’t just hit snooze. I turn off the alarm and go back to sleep. Today I slept an extra 2 hours after my alarm went off. Why? Because I’m lazy and indulgent.
  • I need to stop taking long naps in the afternoon. It’s messing up my sleep. Short naps are okay, and from what I’ve read, even encouraged.
  • When I plan tasks, I need to stop deviating from the plan. I often will look at my plan and just be like “nah I don’t feel like it today” and do something else. This is hurting me.

Chapter 2

Coming soon.