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Eddie Shleyner is the Lead Copywriter at G2.com & Founder of VeryGoodCopy.com.

Notes from his micro-courses coming soon…

How to grow your social media following over 10k in under a year:

If you look at any email Eddie sends (usually from VeryGoodCopy), there’s a button that asks you to like a post on LinkedIn.

It looks like this:

A screenshot of one of Eddie Shleyner's emails that has a LinkedIn button in it.
Sign up for his VGC Plus. It’s awesome.

That’s it. It’s that simple.

You can do that with any social media you have.

It doesn’t have to be LinkedIn.

All you gotta do is ask.

Conversion Class Micro Course by VeryGoodCopy

Conversion Class Micro Course by VeryGoodCopy Review

10/10 will read over and over again.

This micro-course is a fantastic primer for newcomers to copywriting, and full of great reminders for those who have been writing for years.

Also, the idea of micro courses is brilliant and I’m absolutely going to rip that off.

Conversion Class Micro Course by VeryGoodCopy Notes

Coming soon.