Content Marketing Brings In Traffic – A Case Study

Increase targeted traffic to your website by posting regular, optimized content focused on bringing value to the reader. Web marketers have pretty much always lived by the rule “content is king,” but that rings true more than ever in 2016. As I wrote in this post, SEO is dying because writing regular content that is focused […]

The Fathers Who Lost Their Way

You walk into a dark, musty hardware store and see ten, maybe twenty men wandering aimlessly through the aisles of screws, nuts, bolts, and tools. Each one is muttering something, but they’re not muttering the same things so you mostly just hear noise from the collective sound waves bouncing around the wooden shelves. A man […]

5 Halloween Horror Nights Houses I Never Want To See

[Content Warning: Isolation, human centipede, fecal matter, vagina dentata, children, diarrhea, food poisoning, mold, food] 1. The Happening I’m pretty salty about this movie, even years later, because I was really excited for it when it came out. My theory is this: Shyamalan bet his friends he could kill it with a trailer but make […]

Happiness Simulator

This story has been published in a free short story digest called Elsewhen Noir. [Content Warning: Addiction, death] There would be scrapes on her knees tonight from collapsing onto the concrete sidewalk. I’ll have to clean them up with hydrogen peroxide. She’ll fake like it hurts when the cloth touches her, even though the peroxide […]

The Loveliest Of Relics

It was cold that night, and she asked me to dance. She asked me. I obliged and we agreed we would dance until dawn, But we both knew the sun wasn’t coming up for us. Neither of us claimed to see it, When our eyes met, I felt my heart descend. I knew the sky […]

I Will Soon Be Unemployed

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I wrote this in 2006 for a college course. [Content Warning: Work related stress, violence, ageism] Let me be honest with you, this paper is pretty much nothing more than a rant about how much I hate my job, and why.  By the end of the day this will be on my Live Journal, […]

The Definition Of Customer Service

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I wrote this in 2006 for a college course. [Content Warning: Work related stress, ableist slurs, ableism (sorry, I was young and naive), ageism,] My job is psychological guerrilla warfare.  That is right; I work as a Customer Service Coordinator at a discount retail store.  Customer service is not assistance and other resources that a […]

Pirates VS. Lumberjacks

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I wrote this in 2006 for a college course. [Content Warning: Satire, stereotypes, sexism, violence, alcohol, cancer] There is a point in time in every boy’s life where he becomes a man.  This could be at the age of thirteen, or at the age of thirty.  Either way, this boy must choose how manly they […]