Google Dorking

Also known as “Google Hacking”, this is the practice of using Google operators (symbols and special keywords) to narrow down search results. For example, searching Google for “OSINT” | “open source intelligence” will show you every page on my site only that contains the words “OSINT” and/or “open source intelligence”. Try it! Is Google […]

My Plan to Win the ConvertKit Landing Page Challenge

I don’t believe in competition, even in a literal competition like the ConvertKit Landing Page Challenge. There’s $5000 at stake, and I could really use it right now to pay off some medical bills. But it’s just not in my modus operandi. My MO is to serve people. This challenge, for me, is a challenge […]

It’s probably worth getting a tax extension this year.

Hi, my name’s Garrett and I suck at doing my taxes. That’s why I always file for a tax extension! Most of the time, I’m actually just really lazy. This year I decided to do some research to make sure I was making the right decision. You’ll want to read this info before you file an extension on your taxes!

How I easily keep track of accounting for my infosec business.

Hi, my name’s Garrett. I run a solo gamedev business making browser based video games by myself. It’s tough, especially when it comes to accounting. That’s why I created my E Z Accounting method. Now I spend far less time doing my taxes every year. Click here to check it out!

Consistency is the most important part of your music career.

People are going to forget about you. They’re going to forget about your music and you. Pretty terrifying right? No one wants to hear that. Sorry for being so harsh, but you’re not doing anything to remind them who you are. That’s why you need to be consistent. Consistency is the key to being successful […]

The one thing that will save your gamedev career from certain failure.

This is a long post, so here are some important sections you can skip to: Why you need to be making money now. Why you need to get a day job. How to get a day job. How to make money playing video games. Download the FREE PDF of this article. You gotta eat. You […]